Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cletus, Tokyo Drifter, and House on the haunted hill

last cletus post. there all on youtube now.
this is the last Cletus with Cletus even in it. I think it's good maybe not the best way to end the series but i think it had to end. it couldn't have kept going for too long.
intresting that the end theme. which is pretty much the last end theme is done pretty much by nockforce.

This is an awesome movie. if you liked the look of Kill Bill vol. 1 or even the vol. 2 as well this is were it came from. The idea behind this movie is combining the gangster movie with the western. which works really great. But also has this really strange quality too it. the director is known for his strange or weirder movies. he was actually sued by his movie studio for being too strange. you have to be pretty awesome to get sued for being weird.
The idea of the guy being a really fast gun fighter. just like a western. i always liked it when a guy can shoot really fast. it trys to get out but of course they pull him back in. however this also works for the western cause the fastest gun can never retire.
The cinmetography is amazing. the way they use the sets and the sets they decided to make. it's crazy and insanly visually pleasing. and alot of the shots i was suprised this film was from the 60's. like the 60's it looks like it could come out now and not just the kill bill factor. they have alot of shots that look very modern. and if you just made the screen shots in to big posters they would work. that cinematographer must have been a photographer he just can really shoot stuff. it was really well done.
This movie is really awesome and it's defently going to on my dvds i need to own list. it's really refreshing to see such an awesome looking movie. it was crazy. really if you wanna see an incredibly well made action movie see tokyo drifter. it's really really awesome.

this is a great older horror movie. i have never really seen any william castle. i know John Waters is very into him. but yeah. this movie is alot of fun. Vincent Price. i mean can you ever go wrong with Vincent Price. like ever. i don't think I've seen any bad with him in it. he's always good.
The movie has a good premise. espically for a lower budget horror movie. to have a bunch of people who will be paid lots of money if they just stay in a house over night. and the house has kind of a history of some spooky shit.
This film relyed on the actors to really sell the spookyness. i mean it had some good shots and it was directed well. but i think that it's the actors who really bring this movie home. they make the paranoia and the frightening house work.
Orignally this movie had a skeleton that they had on a zip line or something that would go from the front of the theater and then to the back. this was all timed. sounds sweet. apprently the film forum in new york played a William Castle retrospective with all the original gimmics with the real timing. i wish i could have seen the tingler with the seats that would shock you. i hope some other theater does that again cause that sounds really awesome.
Also apprently Hitchcock saw this movie and was inspirated to make psycho cause he wanted to make a low budget horror film. i don't think psycho was that low budget really but who cares it was psycho and psycho is awesome.
This movie is good. if you wanna see a coo old 50's horror film then check this out. and you can never go wrong with vincent price.

or just watch right here through hulu


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