Thursday, June 11, 2009

1941 and Origin: spirits of the past

I've always heard this movie sucked. that is was an epic misfire. that it was one of speilbergs worst. well I havn't seen indy 4 so we'll hold up on that one. but I can tell you this is a good movie. It came out around the time of Days of Heaven, Apocalypse Now, New York New York, and Popeye. all films were they gave the directors alot of control and they all really didn't do as great as everyone thought. well except Apocalypse Now. however all of those films are intresting and good. everybody likes to shit on popeye but i think they did a very good job with that one.
This film reminds of popeye but it's more slapstick more like airplane. but it's shot and made like a great director made it. also there's really no main character theres alot going on in this movie. and almost everyone is in it as well. there were people in it that i completely missed like Mickey Rourcke. but there was so much stuff going on how couldn't you miss him. the pacing is also really odd. i thought the movie was about to end but then it kept going for like a while longer and it still worked.
Speilberg even brought in Chuck Jones as a visual consultant. I kinda wish that he was the visual consultant on maybe a cooler movie like raiders or something. but i really like this movie. it's kind of a odd film to like and it's an odd film but it's not bad.
It reminds me of both New York New York and Popeye. All 3 are odd films to think about for those directors filmograpy's. but i think there really intresting and really really well made. at least you can't say they made bad movies just odd and intresting movies. i also know that like the film that ended 70's hollywood Havens gate. This film was all ready being called Speilberg's x-mas turkey. I don't know why we don't do that anymore.
Really this is a good movie. really if you like Speilberg and you like comedies you'll like this one. also if you like film making you'll like it. cause really the good thing about the end of the 70's era at least all those films are kinda there own little odd things and thats coo.

Yeah I know I very rarely see any anime however I found this on hulu and basically put it off until the expiration date was gonna happen. Really I like this movie. sure while watching it I could spot the Akira and Princess Monokee influence almost a mile away. but it did a good job. It was very well structured. It kinda reminded me of nightwatch or the x-men movies. just a really good action sci-fi kinda blockbuster.
It starts off however almost like well like anime and you almost are embarressed to watch it cause your like did i just turn a right to lame city. but after the begining you'll be fine and everything makes sense. I don't know why people say that about anime. sure there are alot that don't make sense but if you can't get your head around this plot then well your stupid.
The imagery was coo. I really like the pacing they did a great job of starting slow but it really moved. I like that no bullshit. just like lets move this thing along.
Really if you wanna see a fun sci-fi movie thats good and has action and all that. this was better then wolverine or teminator salivation. so yeah


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