Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sniper and it's on with alexa chung

To make a movie about a sniper is one thing but to make it about a sniper who only kills women cause he hates them is another. The main character who is well the sniper isn't your regular killer in a movie. cause you meet him for first. and when i say first you don't get one breif scene before the opening credits or something. the first 30 minutes are all about him. So you understand him where he is coming from and see why he's killing women.
Frankly his experiences with women in this film are never very good at all. He's either taken advantage of or made fun of or even just kinda barely tolerated. I liked how they built this character in to more then just he's a villian and he's bad.
The film is pretty well made. there's one sequence were a painter is telling everyone he sees the sniper that i'm really just wow. whoever that guy was who i actually didn't get a good look at. did a great job acting. But also the choices of shots for it were awesome.
This was made by director Edward Dmytryk. This was his first film back from the blacklist. He refused to cooperate in the the House Committee on Un-American Activities and spent several months in jail. He eventually gave in and named names but felt horriably for it and left the country. this was his first film back and guess who he had to direct Adolphe Menjou who was totally down with giving names even a leading member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. and you thought your work day was awkward. dam. sucks to be Edward Dmytryk.
this is a very good film. I really like how they made the sniper a real human being. I also thought alot of the sequences were really well directed and shot. It was a well made movie. certainly it takes chances. notably the 30 minutes of just the sniper but it works so well. I mean man. it's an odd idea for a movie a sniper that just hunts women but they managed to make it work beyond like he hates women he must be stopped. it has a dark side that he really is fucked up and maybe he's more confused then we mean.

unforently this isn't very availble at all.

MTV is in an odd place it's post TRL post Laurn Conrad and post cultural importance. so what to do now. well i guess Alexa Chung. They seem to think starting a new show that uses twitter and facebook will really bring the network back. except you did that at the end of TRL and that didn't really work out.
The show is frankly really bad. her set looks like the old MTV late nite show the John Stewart show (yes pre daily show) crossed with Jenny Jones. it does remind me of older mtv cause it's on a set that you can't see out the windows. so the time square set i guess is out. now back to the mid 90's. ummmmm ok. the set also wants me to believe it is made in either brooklyn or the lower east side. it kinda fails at that also i believe you guys film in times square. so why not just say it's there.
Alexa Chung as a host is like that girl in high school that everyone thought was funny and intresting and you'd meet her and go really. so basically she's like every boring skinny white girl who lived my neighborhood in baltimore. except she's english. yeah that's it. I know i find it really intresting too you just found out what indie is and your like a senior in high school. except wait i don't cause your really just boring. i really don't understand why she is hosting a tv show. i don't get cause she does not have the personailty. i never thought i'd write how great carson daly is in comparsion to bland Alexa Chung. this show is bad and really i don't except that much of a future from it. however when i watch hanna montanna or those disney shows. i really don't get those either. like at all. i mean well i get them like i understand them i just can't be intrested in them. and Alexa Chung i guess your just like that.


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