Monday, June 22, 2009

Father of the bride

I saw this yesterday. well duh huh. The whole film is from the perspective of the father. Which is what really makes this movie special. If you were to just throw a wedding that would be boring but this gives it a good tone. The Father kinda gets shat on for most of the movie. having to be the bar tender at a party for his daughter and having to pay for some ridicoulous wedding. but he's happy to do it cause she's happy. Really it makes hm look good so great job playing this on fathers day.
Spencer Tracey is both comedic and naturalistic at the same time. I would compare his performance in this to John Goodman's in Roseanne. It's a really good performance and it drives the film. Really without it if it was like a really bad actor this movie would suck. Spencer Tracey knows how to do his thing.
Alot of people connect Elizabeth Taylor with this movie. I actually do like her. but she wasn't really in it as much. I see this more as Spencer Tracey's movie. but she is also quite good. she's credited with giving this movie alot of box office appeal since her marrage happened right before making it a hit.
I like this movie it was really good. I havn't seen the remake in years. or the sequal which was also remade. odd huh a remake of a sequal. If you wanna see a good movie with spencer tracey giving a great performance then see this movie.


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