Friday, June 19, 2009

Superman 3 and assorted videos

sorry my posting has been a little spotty of late. I'm moving and havn't had the time to see as many movies as usual. however i should be fine by next week.

I feel like any time anyone makes a third superhero movie it has to suck. forently for this movie they have made worse pieces of crap now. So it actually aged better then you'd think. However compared to the previous two films ewwwww.
The idea of the plot having a computer hacker to destroy the world is a little ahead of it's time but it's defently a ok idea. I wish instead of having Richard Pryor just suddenly become a computer hacker it might have worked better if he was always one and a really good one. But I actually like Pryor in this movie. Sure he is stupid and the poster above isn't like high art (well i think it is) but he worked well with what he had. and frankly he has more charisma then christopher reeves. sorry it's just yeah.
Superman kind of is not the most intresting character and I can understand why they didn't count this when they made Superman returns. By saying only the first 2 superman movies counting and 3 and 4 didn't.
I also find this movie really inconsistant. Some parts are comedy, drama, sci-fi. but none of it gels in a way that you go it had everything. I mean it did but it didn't always feel like it should have been in the same movie.
Really this was ok I don't hate but i don't love it either. is it better then spiderman 3 and x-men 3. ooh yeah. but that's not saying to much.

also should i read into the fact that the original poster has richard pryor on it and the new dvd cover doesn't. I'm just saying it makes you think.

I'm going through a 90's nostelga for comics. so i think this will be 90's comic cray for videos this time.


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