Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cliffhanger and Wild Bill Wellman

This is a good 90's action movie. I mean sure mountain climbers don't sound that great for a movie. but it's like a crazy thing to do. i would never call people that do that kinda stuff like pussy's cause i would be totally scared to do it.
They do a good job with this movie maybe not as stupid as stalone is used to. well ok it was stupid but it wasn't genius stupid like Rocky 3 and 4. I mean sure it was stupid but not as fun stupid. but those are some of the best kind stupid shit i've seen were as this certainly is up there but not quite what those rocky sequals are.
Still they got some really great sequences and used them to set up really important plot points with both the characters and the plot.
I also really liked john Lithgow as the villian. how come he's not the villian in more movies. sure he doesn't fit in with todays villians but dam he is awesome. Like he can really do it.
This movie is 90's as crap but it's fun and if you want a good stupid action movie then really this is good. it's a little odd how little gun shooting there is but they seem to have found a way to make this work with out it. they really got this to be fun and man it is. fun movie.

I've always liked William Wellman. because of the films he's made Publc Enemy, Yellow sky, The ox bow incident, the original star is born, and wings. Which if your thinking wings is that crappy sitcom it was the first film to ever win an oscar for best picture.
I saw a documentary on him on tcm last nite. and I had no idea how coo that guys was. Like he's actually really awesome. He was always partying like crazy. like he deserves the name wild bill wellman. He was narrating the whole documentary so i feel like I got a good feel for him rather then some facelss narrator guy.
He even talked about how he loved directing a Tarzan movie and wanted to make more Tarzan movies but the studio thought it was beneth him so they wouldn't let him do it. I kinda wanna see that Tarzan movie which is called Tarzan Escapes.
Yeah i don't know i just love this guy. if you havn't all ready seen Public Enemy then have fun living an unfulling life. yeah see some william wellman. he's awesome.


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