Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Be Kind Rewind and Seven Women from Hell

Everyone told me this movie was disappointing and all though a great concept it's not a good movie. what the fuck is wrong with those people. I really liked this movie. I really don't get what everybodys probably is with it. Like honestly I don't. This is a fun with alot of heart. It's actually kind of what I wanted it to be just more slapstickie. Yeah sure it doesn't have alot of the Gondry special effects all over it. but I really thought that was a good thing. He actually showed he could direct outside of the film's he's all ready done. In a way you could call this a departsure but it's also very excessable.
You could even talk about how this film really kinda represents what video did. there were tons of mom and pop video stores when video was king. It was an easy business to run and communities would have there own places run by friendly neighborhood people. I really don't see that with dvd. sure dvd is progress and yeah i do like it better then vhs. but there is something less fun about like netflix and blockbuster as compared to like a mom and pop place.
Everyone acting in this movie does a good job and really i felt like they were having fun. which also worked really well with the movie.
I really liked this movie. I don't see what the problem is. like really what was it. it worked it was good and it did what it was supposed to do. see it don't listen to the haters.

and just cause the don and murph review

This is an intresting movie. It's about what happened to people who were visiting japan and japan ruled places when world war 2 broke out. apprently they had camps too. this film focuses on the womens camp and 7 womens attempts to escape.
I liked this movie it was good. I never really thought about what would happen or even thought about it at all. but it was really intresting.
They really had no control over what was going on and how frustrating that was. I can't really imagine what it must have been like at the time. They were just kinda forced in this thing. Not that we did have our hands dirty either. I really don't get why we went to such extremes.
Ceaser Ramero also has a great role in this. it was coo seeing him in something that was the original batman show. this the second time I've seen cast memebers of the 60's batman show before the batman show started.
I would see this movie again it was good and well made. also you can learn something about world war 2 that you most likely didn't even really know happened.


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