Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the shop around the corner and the immortalizer

This is a real classic movie. I'm not saying that cause well it is a classic movie. but the film really just everything in that classic perfect way. It's basically about a store not as much the romance as your lead to believe. I mean sure that is a big part of it but really about this group of people who work at this shop.
I've worked retail before and this is pretty accurate. You get kind of a little family of your work mates. you might not really see many of them outside of work but there's defently a bond. This movie captured that very well. that they all knew each other there in's and out's. I know sometimes your at work and you don't care to get know your co workers. well this is not that movie. this is a group of people who work well together.
The performances in this are good all around. The one I was probably the most blown away by was Frank Morgan. Morgan is best know for being the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. Here his character is alot more somber but also alot more real. I really like his performance in the wizard of oz and he'll probably be forever remembered for that. but in this he's the boss of a company that he loves and his world is kinda falling apart. he does an excellent job.
Jimmie Stewart was great. I mean it was 1940. a year after mr. smith goes to washington. so this was like fresh jimmy stewart. he can really switch between comedy and drama so effortlessly that it's amazing. I've always liked Jimmy Stewart. It's great to see him in this sort of a role.
Honestly everyone in this movie is kind of flawless. they play there parts perfectly. I'm really happy with all he actors in cause it was just like dam.
The direction was really well done. How the tone of the shop with both cinematography and acting when the store was open and close was really intresting. When your in a closed store when your about to leave you realise how big it is. I feel like Lubitsch really knew what he was doing. I know he wanted to make this movie cause his father had owned a shop. well i can defently tell that from watching this movie.
What suprised me most about this movie is how much was just left kind of off screen. we never see the boss's wife all though she is really important. and we never see jimmy stewart write any letters. but it works so much better. there are very few scenes outside of the shop. It's kind of funny that when they remade this as you've got mail they lost what this was trying to say about working at a shop. After you see this you've got mail will look really silly.
If you havn't seen this movie do so. your missing out. it's one of those classics thats so good you can't deny it. I really suggest checking it out. i also wish someone would play it after it's a wonderful life. it would make a great double feature. seriously great movie

This movie sucks. ok good concept a evil doctor is putting old peoples brains in young peoples bodies. that sounds coo. unforently they never get that far. it's all this guy trying to stop them from doing it to there friends. this movie is like one big cock tease that goes no where. I really don't get it.
I even like bad horror movies that are fun but this was just suck.
I'm sorry this movie bored me. good opening bad for the rest. not even intresting enought to get multiple paragraphs. it just plain sucked.


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