Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Violent Saturday and Angel Face

This is movie that it took me a while to get my head around. The way this is paced and written and even the choice of characters is odd. I still maybe don't entirely get this movie. So I watched it twice.
For the first two acts almost nothing happens. I mean stuff does happen but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's really slow. you might even think this movie has lost it. like it decided to put some scenes in. Then when the bank robbers come you know about this small town in the mid west. you know who is sleeping with whom and why. It works so well.
It's a mid west noir. and really there's nothing like it. instead of having it take place in new york or California were most noir's take place it's in. It takes place in a minning town in Arizona. which really gives the film it's own coo feel.
I liked the actors. sometimes the roles were odd like Ernest Borgnine as an Amish guy. yeah I'm serious. also Lee Marvin rules as one of the bank robbers. He was really evil. I could really see that guy robbing a bank.
This movie was directed by Richard O. Fleischer. Who is the son of animator Max Fleischer who made Popeye, Betty Boop, those Superman shorts, and mr. bug goes to town. Max Fleischer was awesome as was his brother Dave. It's good to know that there is a third crazy talented Fleisher. I think Richard did a great job with this movie. It's somewhat out there in terms of pacing. but thats one of the reasons it's so great. I really still wanna see it again just to really get it.
I have to say good movie. one of the more odder ones I've seen just get through the first 2 acts you will be questioning but by the end you'll be like ooo man. Really great. they play this on tv alot. I've seen fox movie channel play it alot.

This movie doesn't seem the way it turns out. Really it's good at making you realize that this bitch is fucking crazy. and how. but really she doesn't seem that bad at first. you kind of think that she is werid but not that crazy. slowly your realize she is like bat shit crazy.
Robert Mitchum is good at playing a a chauffer turne boyfriend. He's the right amount of hot and maybe i will totally bang that crazy girl. He also shows that he really doesn't have to put up with this shit. Unlike the rest of the crazy rich girls family he doesn't need this lifestyle. all though he likes the money. Mitchum plays all this and shows it in his performance.
Jean Simmons (not the guy from KISS) does really the performance that makes this movie. She plays it off well. She's really a spoiled rich girl with issues. but real issues not like live journal issues. She knows when to turn on and off the extremes. She's very sudden sometimes but also cunning like she had it planned out but fuck it.
This movie was real good and has one of the better ending I've seen. I think I'm a fan of Otto Preminger when his movie's are shorter cause I was not as into Anatomy of a Murder as I was with this and where the sidewalk ends. He defently liked to push the boundries and i can imagine this was far more shocking in the 50's then today. If you catch this check it out. where the sidewalk ends might be better but this is still a good movie.


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