Monday, June 29, 2009

NEW nockFORCE and The Hangover

a sockumentary or a nockumentary you decide. see nockforce's crazy adventures from this crazy unused footage. well i guess it's now used footage.

More socks at

Sunday nite rap-up
King of the hill (3x)
drinky crow
the mighty boosh
Big O
Cowboy bebop

I also wanna say that the video music box tribute to Michael Jackson was by far my favorite tribute I saw for him. They played remix's all the classics and the newer bad stuff just for some perspective. awesome job guys

in addition i saw a pound puppies episode I really liked. It was a musical episode. since this was way before both Buffy and Oz made it coo. I'm going to say that Pound Puppies started the idea in the 80's and everyone else ripped it off in 200whatever. I never thought that the pound puppies would be called influentical. Ok really it was only an ok episode but i think it's funny they did a musical episode

This is not as dumb as most frat pack comdies are. I mean it is dumb but it's the right amount of dumb. It's very well structured. it what you want from a comedy that everyone is talking about and it never puss's out. Sure sometimes you might go really but while your watching it, not a problem. The film carries itself very very well and moves decently also.
The cast was really good together. When your watching it you can almost spot out which one of the four is going to be lost. mostly cause he is the least intresting amoung them. Seriously even without seeing all the ads it would still be obvious. why didn't they put a red shirt on him. But the 3 leads. Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis run this movie. Each one is put in a role they can excell at. Sometimes you need a certain role to break out and they all got one in this.
Everything in this movie pays off later weather it's a bitchy wife or hating your life or being odd. every little character thing has to be there. I think normally when we think of comedy we think of alot of random stuff. that is not this movie. The script for this was really well done.
I would tell you to see this. it may not be Up or Star Trek but it's defently one of the better movies of the summer. and it's good too. if you saw wedding crashers and countless other of those big summer comedies and like me were like yeah ok i guess. this is like oh yeah i get it you know. This movie's really funny and good. see it over like transformers or something.


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