Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Moto and Last man Standing

Recently and mostly cause of Hulu. I have fallen in love with the Mr. Moto film series. Now before you go that's really racist. It's actually not that bad when you compare it to Charlie Chan or some of the other asian sterotypes at the time. But yeha Peter Lorre is not asian so that isn't coo. However he is fucking Peter Lorre. and he's awesome. I mean come on. not only was he in catcher in the rye. ok well he wasn't in it but the girls in the book saw him so i can count that right.
Peter Lorre is on fire here. He's good at being the star in a fun adventure film. I wish Peter Lorre was in everything cause he is one hell of a good actor. I know he hated this role and hated doing these films but you really can't tell on screen.
I have seen two mr. moto films. thank you mr. moto and mr. moto's gamble. They were both alot fun. YOu don't see that many just fun detective action movies that much. they are also only about 75 minutes. so it's not that much of an investment.
I have seen two so far and the best has to be Mr. Moto's Gamble. which was alot of fun and had a good sense of humor. really funny action movies. then thank you mr. moto is just as fun.
I don't think everything has to be deep these are fun movies. if you get a chance to see one check them out. but come on Pete Lorre how can you go wrong.

This is a western gangster noir. no really it is. Now the movie doesn't really work as well as you might want it to however it's not the epic mistep that many feel it is. maybe it's cause after seeing Walter Hill's Streets of Fire I was more inclined to like this. Certainly that was way worse. This at least has some intresting stuff going on. It's a remake of yojimbo. It's a western cause there in a texas town out in the middle of nowhere in the west. It's a gangster movie cause they all have tommy guns and dress like gangsters. and it's a noir cause you got that nice existential narration.
I know alot of people consider this movie a kind of epic fail. While it certainly not a success. I doesn't really fail competely. but i don't know it didn't have any life to it. the cinematography is great and ideas were there. but it didn't gel or something. they needed humor and intresting character stuff. i don't know.
The actors do help this film you have Christopher Walken and Bruce Dern. Both do good jobs and breath life into the film. However Bruce Willis almost doesn't work. I feel like he was doing what he did in Sin City. but in Sin City he had humor he had a sense of talking to someone like a human being. if you really were watching sin city and went man if only Bruce Willis was more Blander in this role. well then last man standing is calling for you.
The gun shoot outs are really good and Bruce Willis is always good at carrying a gun around. those really worked.
I don't know if i'd recomend this movie. I will tell you see for a few dollars and yojimbo first. then maybe if you have time you can see this. or it's on tv or something but other wise not great. Walter Hill's made better and i think you can see better too.


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