Friday, July 10, 2009

Manhattan Melodrama and Union Pacific

Man this is a really good movie. you may hear about it now cause it was the last movie John Dillinger saw. Right after he watched he was gunned down outside the theater. Apprently he liked Myrna Loy. The Studio eploited this and apprently it was Myrna Loy who thought it was very wrong for the studio to use his death for promotion.
Regardless of that this movie is really good. In fact I would say it's a great movie. It's really really well made. Probably cause of this you have the team that would literally right after this make the Thin man. Director W. S. Van Dyke and the stars of the thin man William Powell and Myrna Loy. Frankly that's all you need to make a good movie. they would have been fine but then you put Clark Gable in the mix and dam . like really holy shit this movie oozes with not just star power but really great acting.
It's about two friends Clark Gable and William Powell who are friends growing up. Then one Powell becomes a politican and Gable becomes a gangster but there both still very good friends. And you know stuff happens.
I really liked this movie. I actually think I like it more then The Thin Man. However that might just be my impression right now.
It's a movie from the 30's so really you could watch this with anyone but it's not soft. it's a great gangster film and fuck it's a great film. I like the ideas about friendship and the kind of brotherhood you only get with certian people. Also what it says about people there ideals. it's just man. there's alot in this one and it's a dam good film.
If you get the chance to see this movie I defently recomend it. Dillinger must have been in a good mood when he left that theater.

I think almost everyone knows the name Cecil b. Demille but few beyond the ten commadments. really know why he was such a big figure. Well he made alot of huge epics that the public loves. one of those films was union pacific. which is a film about making a railroad that would go across america. It was actually made 70 years after that happened. which is funny cause it's now 70 years since that movie came out.
This is a coo western about what was going on then. Really I prefer stuff like McCabe and ms. miller to this. It did in some parts and it was a good movie. I don't know if it was as good as some of the Demille silent films I've seen. It's defently better then more recent films about this period like The Claim.
I mean this movie is good I don't know if it's as great as the other films from 1939. I know the Cannes film festival thinks so. but this really has nothing on the wizard of oz or gone with the wind. but what movie really does anyway.
You could wonder why such a huge event in it's day isn't even remembered now. Well I'm not sure but it's defently a good movie. I mean the railroad was alot more important then. then it certainly is now. who nows movies about computer people might not mean much in 70 years either. if you like westerns i think you'd like this movie. if you new the genre then i wouldn't see this. i would say this is more for film buffs and old western fans.
Now when I say western fans i mean pre Sergio Leone. So basically there's not that much grit in this film this was before that. but it finds grit in other places. i don't know this movies was defently good though and i think a watch for film buffs.


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