Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Virtuality and Babes in Arms

This isn't techincally a movie. It's a pilot for a tv show that most likely will never get made. However fox made the pilot and aired it on there best timeslot friday at 8 pm. They also put it on Hulu. Which is were I saw it. It's directed by Peter Berg who the guy behind friday night lights.
The basic premise is that there's a space ship and a bunch of people are on a mission to find another planet for people to live on cause our planet is not gonna last. it's a 10 year mission. to keep the crew from going crazy they have this fantasy thign they can use to give them privacy. also at the same time they are making a reality show of there mission and sending to back to earth.
This seems like it might not work or be kinda stupid. but i really liked it. It give kind of a strange creepy 2001 type vibe to it. It gave kind of the thing i want sci-fi to do more. You never get stuff like this anymore. I feel like sometimes the special effect and explosions are more important to sci fi. I mean i like some of that but it's nice to see something else.
The weight of there mission and being alone in space is really important. It's not a huge crew but the ship is huge. It's like a haunted house in space. Just that people in space think. whats the point. I'm glad people wanna expand the sci-fi genre to make it more human.
I don't know if this would work as a series for that long it would be great as maybe a show that last one season though.
Seriously see this i don't have much to say bad about except maybe the soundtrack at times is lame but i can get over that. anyway check it out. it's only on hulu for 12 more days so see it soon.

This is two thirds a good movie. most of it was great with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland showing alot of star power and charisma. they also can really sing and dance. but the last third really fell apart.
This was directed by Busby Berkeley who is more known for his crazy dance musical numbers like in Gold Diggers of 1933. Which I really liked. This is a change of pace and it's nice to see that Berkeley could direct something beyond his awesome musical numbers. He defently is a good director.
But as soon as they get to the show that the kids are working on it falls apart. sadly the musical numbers don't work that well. This film does have one that does work earlier in the film that is really impressive. but man. and it all starts with them in black face. yes i'm serious. now i get it. it was a different time. The jazz singer is one thing but this was pushing my limits. after that the film falls apart most of the musical numbers arn't that great and the story is kinda lost after that point. It almost felt like they spent to much on the first 2 acts but ran out for the third and we got some cheaper movie somehow.
I mean i do like parts of this movie but it doesn't really pay off. or well it doesn't work. it worked great for most of the film but at a certain point bang it goes down.
Personally it was only ok but you'll love the begining. not as bad as robocop 3 were the begining is amazing and then becomes utter bullshit. It is disappointing but not too horriable. well except the blackface that was really bad.


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