Thursday, July 09, 2009

NEW nockFORCE and The Fugitive Kind

We made this cartoon for My Damn Channel. It was up on there site for a little bit but now it's on you tube. I personally really like this one.

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This is kind of an epic bomb. No it's not that great. it kind of meanders on and on. It felt like it needed more time and i later found out it did. This was what started Brando's fall from grace that would end with his role in the Godfather. You always hear about how he was a big star and then he fell off. it was intresting seeing how that started.
Sure this sounds like a great movie on paper. Marlon Brando in a Tennessee Williams written screenplay with Sidney Lumet directing. How could that go wrong. well man it did. it really just didn't work. this movie feels like a mess and the making of it seemed like more so.
I think Brando was miscast. I know he's a great actor but I think that actually someone like Paul Newman would have done a much better job. Brando didn't seem to really know what he was doing at times. Odd this was one of the biggest salaries for an actor at time with a million dollars. kinda suckes when you pay too much for something that ain't that good.
I can understand why this movie wasn't really that big or wasn't respected. for the people that like it now. I really don't get it. it didn't work for me. I read that Lumet didn't get the rehersal time that he wanted and i think that you can tell. it didn't feel like they were confindent enough to make this work. I would skip this if i were you unless you a big lumet or Brando fan. Otherwise find something else to do.


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