Monday, July 13, 2009

NEW nockFORCE and Panic in year zero

I posted this video before but i didn't get to post the video with the special made playlist here yet. so here it is. it's doing quite well on my damn channel

more fun at

we also made this video to let the subscribers know we have a video on a different channel. I kinda like this video. coo dance. also wait til the end.

Sunday nite rap up

King of the Hill
Aqua teen
Cowboy bebop
big o

This is defently one of those sign of the times ones. Sure at the time this was really current with the whole atom bomb stuff. but i guess if one went off like tomorrow this would be very current.
Directed and starring Ray Milland. who plays a dad who is taking his family on a fishing trip when america is attacked by nuclear bombs. They have to find a way to survive. That sounds coo. but really the movie doesn't go far enough to really make you shocked by the horror of what has just happened. mostly the traffic is kinda bad. also places are running out of food. ooh man that kinda sucks. i'm sure when the bomb hits we'll all treat it like a somewhat problem.
The other thing about this movie is that. even thought they are traveling at the end all the people were they wound up are from there previous travels. now like i get maybe one. but everyone i don't know about that. seemed to be pushing it.
Also when they are dring a jazzy score plays. ooo yeah a jazzy score and not good we just got hit by atom bombs sad jazzy score. like a regular jazzy score. yes i'm serious. so it was hard to be too bumbed out.
I think in the 50's this may have worked a bit better since now we have mad max and things. ooo wait this was 62. well for the time anyway it was what it was. It even had Frankie Avalon as the son. and i'm sure was more shocking then. But man talk about not aging well. this thing wooooo. somebodies wine turned in to vinegar.
If you wanna see soo early 60's which is pretty much the 50's cultutrally. then i would see this movie cause it is about a time that has since gone. but as a movie you don't really need to unless you wanna have a fun lite time. then maybe. but more for what it is. it's not actually a good movie.


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