Friday, July 17, 2009

harry potter and the half blood prince and three o clock high

To be honest this was alot better then I thought it would be. Which is something i liked. An improvement over the last film and worthy of being in the same franchise as the previous films. most defently. I agree probably with the most of the critics. It does have a few problems i notice a couple almost rough cut like edits that buged me and didn't fit. But I judging this on a whole film thing and I think it really works.
Ok first off I only read the first 3 books. So I wasn't gonna be like yeah this parts was way better and if you read that description man you would have been going crazy. But since I didn't I think I liked it more. Besides regardless of my constant illiteracy a movie of any book should be able to stand on it's own. And this film definitely does.
The structure is more like a western. and no not a sergio lenone western. I mean like an Anthony Mann western. Or mostly westerns from the 50's or 40's. The bad guys come back for little spurts. Then it's back to character development. I really didn't feel like the other films. It had this other quality too it. I think it was more about Character then action sequences. Also your eneimes burning down a house hello imagery. In addition to that I would like to point out that all the bad guys were wearing black. which was what villians would do in westerns. wear dark closes so you knew they were bad. No other potter film has done this but it really worked with this film.
It's very well shot doing some incredible long tracking shots that are both impressive for looking awesome and for there storytelling ability. Which brings this film close to what Michael Seresin did for Alfonso CuarĂ³n's harry potter film. It doesn't blow me away as much as that did. but it got pretty dam close.
The acting was it's usual. Which is really good so I'm happy with most of the performances. All the main cast and Tom Felton as Draco was good. Probably the best acting we've seen from Felton so far. I really think he brought Draco to the right place right job. I mean i feel like the acting is always strong in the potter films.
There was one part where well hold on SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok cool. Where you dumbledore dies and every put there wans up in the air. I wanted to put up and lighter. I also wanted to say PLAY FREE BIRD. man that would have been fucking awesome if at the end like FREE BIRD came on. oo jesus. man that would have been seriously amazing. skynard could use the roalytee's man come on.
This was probably one of the better blockbuster films of this summer and this year so far but probably this year. I guess UP doesn't count as a blockbuster but i think it does but anyway sure yeah it goes along with Up and Star Trek as one of the better movies of the summer. It is good I liked it. I was glad it improved cause I want a really good potter movie. I don't know were i would put it with the other films but it's defintely better then the 2nd and 5th ones. anyway yeah it was good.

I really dislike these two posters below. there really bad. I mean arn't the other posters good enough. these just look like the back of an action figure box. hey they even seperated the bad guys too. good job.

I really didn't expect a good well made well shot high shool movie. But thats what this is. It's the story of a kid who is supposed to write a thing for the paper on the new kid. Then the new kid wants to fight him at 3 o clock. so the whole movie is his day through school and trying to get out of the fight. It's supposed to be an awesome high noon refference.
I really like how this was shot it really really worked for the film. It almost reminded me of a silent film. Really awesome. I think alot of high school films are merely shot like tv shows with big budgets. This felt like a movie shock you know.
I also like that they cast regular looking kids as the actors. It's like Degrassi junior high or high. I really like high school stuff that uses real kids cause that feels more real. The way this film which is pretty stylised usesd realism is intresting. Sure you could have big actors and this and it would still work. It's a strong film. (double feautre with Ferris Buller anyone). But with the regular looking actors it makes it feel like hey I'm like that guy or something.
This is probably good enough to see even if your not into high school movies. I really liked and It's dam well made. movie.

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