Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Next day air and Fail Safe

First off I really thought they were getting a box of weed. The fact that it's coke. i mean sure it makes it a different movie. However I got past that. As a comedy this movie is pretty well done. I wouldn't say it was a slam dunk or anything. I know Ebert says this was better then Star Trek. I really don't agree with that.
Not to say it's a bad movie cause it's not. It's a good stupid R rated comedy. I kinda feel like it could have gone further with the comedy like it wasn't trying enought. i mean i just think it was defently good and i'm actually somewhat intrested to see what the director Benny boom does next. I mean not enought to check up on imdb or anything more like oo he directed it ok maybe.
It kinda works like an old comedy having real tough guys going after this idiot. it was coo to see something that was probably even used in silent comedies still used. it works really well. It kind of reminds me of when in blackspoltation they would take old gangster films and remake them for a black audience. obviously this is not as direct as that was. but it shows the same love of cinema and to make a more intresting comedy.
Is this worth even a rental well a little but i wouldn't go out and seek it. yeah honestly i was a little disappointed at some parts. but it's not the fun i kind of wanted from this film. Sure it's definitely got it's thing going on. But sometimes it's good and other times it's just kind of ok. But i do see what it's doing and it's at least somewhat more interesting then the other comedies around.

Since yesterday I did panic in year zero. might as well do fail safe today.
As long as I have heard about this movie. it's that it was the serious nuclear attack movie that came out around the time dr. strangelove came out and they were both made by the same studio and based on the novel Red Alert by Peter George. This was always been the serious version of what doctor strangelove is and maybe if Kubrick had not made columbia put his out first things would be different. but i really doubt it. cause Dr. Strangelove is a fucking awesome movie. in fact it's an amazing piece of art and it's almost not wait it is unfair to go up against it with anything espically a serious movie that is almost the same.
In fact some of the opening shots are similair in stead of George c Scott in a bed with his hot sexy securitary in a bikini. you get some dude and his wife. i feel like that sums it up right there. Strangelove was dangerous and was funny. this has more of something up it's ass.
But this is still a good movie. Sidney Lumet does a really great job. using a minimalist style and incredbile cinematography. Lumet shows why he was such a big fucking deal in the first place. He knows how to make a good movie out of a nuclear war drama. I really was suprised by some of the shots. there very amazing to look at. but also i felt like some parts did drag a little bit.
There are really great acting by both Walter Matthau and Henry Fonda. Matthau suprised me the most. I always knew he was a good actor. but i would have never thought of him in the role of a political scientist. He worked really well and i really like him in the role. Henry Fonda's president is interesting cause your never sure exactly what he's thinking. I think like a real president he knows more about the situation certainly then i do but he's also like what the fuck am i doing. Fonda was good at playing that. he was both lost but in control. well he wasn't really but he certainly acted like he was in control.
This is not a bad movie. it is a good movie but it will forever be linked to dr.strangelove. to compare it is unfair cause dr.strangelove is a beautiful piece of cinema. Fail Safe is a very well made movie but it doesn't have that range. I would check it out. it's one of the better Lumet's out there.

But I'd much rather laugh at my impending doom then be all serious about it.


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