Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cleo from 5 to 7 and Cleopatra

I really did not mean to put a post about both of these movies on purpose. I seriously did it by accident. weather you believe me or not. I don't know.

This i watched cause it was some french holiday that i can't spell yesterday. I liked this movie it's an existenal film about a girl doing stuff before she gets the results of her cancer test. so she meets with people and goes out to eat and stuff. that's basically the whole movie and yes i'm serious.
I like that this movie could hold my attention even though seriously i guess nothing is really going on. I guess you could call this a character study of a french singer. I guess she is spoiled and little silly. but i think that works very well with the film. also she's kinda nice to look at. hey i know this movie was about feminism a little and stuff and that may be a little shallow but come on.
There are parts of this film you really go with Cleo. as she drives around and look out the window. I can remember countless times I'm in car thinking about something important and i remember whats outside the window still just thinking about stuff. just the silly things people do from day to day even when your waiting for big news.
You could call this a french new wave film. cause it was made around the same time as that era however according to wikipedia it is techincally a The Left Bank, or Rive Gauche film. Which was another movement closely assocaited with the french new wave. Really it's a french new wave but if you wanna be a know it all then there you go.
I like to see movie's like this. I think it's good to have a change of pace. just to make sure your not just watching one kinda of movie. this is somewhat unusual but also very good and say alot about humainity. If you get a chance this is i guess really a nice slice of life or a day in the life. I hear that alot but this film really means it.

I have been watching quite a bit of cecil b demile movies lately. I think i prefer his silent work to his talkie stuff. but of the two talkies I've seen from him this has to be my favorite. Cleopatra is a better film then you probably think it is. I've heard it's the best cleopatra film but it's the only one i've seen so far. I mean sure that chick who played Cleopatra in Rome was like way fucking hotter but you can get away with that kinda stuff now. Then i don't think you could have done that.
You have Claudette Colbert giving one good performance but that's not all this was made in 34. same year as It happened one night. so this is like premo Claudette Colbert not just like regular Claudette Colbert. i would say this was her peak but i don't know her career that well.
The sets are simply insane cause they actually built that shit then. like some of the stuff is just mind boggling to think that they had to actually make it. it also has a kind of art deco look. not extremly i feel like alot of reviews will over sell that. it's not that much but it's defently there.
I like how excessive but likable Cleopatra is in this movie. you really side with her alot of the time. also how exiciting Demille started the film. it really gets you into it right away with even thinking about it.
I think this was very well made film. Shows what an epic was like back then. Cecil b. Demile was probably what Speilberg is today. everyone know his name he was huge and all his movies at this period were huge hits. all thought i can't always say the same thing about speilberg. Demile was also a great film maker. i still stand by my silent film comment but come on Speilberg's best stuff was raiders and jaws so yeah.
This is a great film and if your gonna see any cleopatra this is pretty dam good and i think the shorter of them all so you can't go wrong with that.


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