Friday, July 24, 2009

Crazied Fruit and The Right Stuff

This really suprised me how good it was. This is basically a 50's teen movie for Japan. Instead of Rebel without a cause. Which is more place in the sun then it is rock and roll. Not to say it doesn't have balls or anything. man this is a really coo movie.
It's about two brothers who while on vaction at a beautiful beach fall in love with the same girl. Seems simple enough but they do a great job of making this not just about she's mine not yours. She's more experienced and older. while there both teenagers she is in her early twenties. Mie Kitahara who plays the girl Eri that they both fall in love with. Is really perfect you know she is a good person. But she's also mysterious and sometimes your not sure. Mie really knows how to use her eyes to her advantage. I feel like she could just move her eyes in the right way and it conveys so much.
I guess this is a lot darker then most teen films at the time and also more fun at times too. It's certainly not as moopy as rebel without a cause was. It reminded me of the strucutre of current teen films. I wonder if this is an influence.
I know teen films arn't everybody's favorite but this is espically good and very well made. I kept thinking about it far after it was over. It was just really good. I couldn't really stop thinking about it. I highly recomend this film. seek it out if you can.

I really didn't expect much from this movie but wouldn't you know it's actually really fucking good. And incredibly well directed. I can't find very much talking about the director of this film Philip Kaufman. But he really directed the shit out of this movie. It could have been more about facts sure. but that would have sucked. This is a film with human emotion and showing what progress is.
The film is about the early astronauts but it goes further showing us what pilots were before and then what they became. The charater they use to show this is Chuck Yeager a big shot pilot who broke the sound barrer. he was a great pilot but since he didn't go to collage couldn't be an astronaut. We see him from his height to when he doesn't matter that much. We also really get a sense of the culture these guys grew up in. We get what matters to them.
That story alone is good enough for a great movie. but there really is more. I loved Jeff Goldblums character. all though he wasn't in it that much. The running down the hall thing was great. and what influenced a future south park episode.
The space stuff also was really well shot and when you see the shots i was like wow how did they do that. and this movie is over 20 years old. it really holds up well. and the cinematography was even great when they weren't in space. there was a scene were the wives were talking that i couldn't believe how well made it was.
The acting was great. Ed harris was wonderful as John Glenn. I can see why he was cast in apollo 13 creative casting. Well i'm assuming thats why they did that. but come on it has to be. Dennis Quaid was great as the youngest astrounaut. Really everyone is perfect.
I've heard people talk smack about this movie. cause it bombed or something. Really who gives a shit. it's a good movie and if your intrested in astronauts and you havn't seen it your missing out. If i were you i would see this. it really works and i think most people would enjoy it even if you don't really give a shit about space.


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