Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Senator and Hard Times

SO the senator theater in Baltimore went up for auction yesterday and it seemed like a circus. I don't really know what was going on. I havn't talked to anyone involved or anything. However there are two very different takes on the auction on youtube. one for WBAl and the other from blogger astro girl. Regardless of were you stand on this issue or if you even care. it's intresting to see how people cover things differently.

WBAl won't let me embed follow this link

This was the directorial debut of Walter Hill who would later go on to direct the warriors. I would compare this alot to his second film the driver. It's very quite. The main character almost never speaks. And it is very western influenced. I have to say i really like the feel of his first two films. and i really wanna see the stuff after the warriors. Which i think was a turning point in his career.
This is a movie about a boxer from the 30's who goes from nothing to one of the biggest boxers in the south. He's an older guy who nobody really knows comes to town and just happens to come across a boxing match with speedy a boxing manager. with him they become big.
James Coburn does a really great job as speedy the boxing manager. All though he's incredibly flawed Coburn makes a very likable scounderal. I think without Coburn this movie may have not worked. Broson doesn't talk to much but Coburn's character helps the film move and have a human touch to a seedy world.
Bronson is great. This may be a better acting job then death wish. It was soon after that and he really knows how to protray an action star. In this he is so super coo. it's insane. He really plays it so relaxed yet with a rage we can't grasp. and he even tells us why. which is something i really liked.
This is a coo boxing movie and very well directed. like i said before i think i liked the early walter hill. This and the driver are almost in a class all there own. like it was walter hill 1 and walter hill 2 starts with the warrios. not sure yet. i havn't seen enought stuff. But i can tell you it's pretty good. check it out if you get the chance.


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