Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Man of the West and Missing

Ususally I don't put two really good movies on here at the same time but today I did. There really is no order there both good. but also missing is free online if you can find man of the west seriously try to it's awesome.

Gary Cooper almost never plays a bad guy. in fact he never ever does. In this he plays a former bad guy who gets mixed up with his former gang of outlaws and is very tempted to go back by them. It's an intresting idea. That Cooper is tempted to be an outlaw again. essentially everything he's not. But you can tell he wants to.
Anthony Mann made alot of great westerns but certainly this is in a class all it's own. There's something about it that's better then those. It's like every shot is intresting. They really use the camera and i feel like they really went for it. It was the late 50's and westerns had been around for a while. Mann I don't think wanted to make another dark noir western the way he did before. This is a really dark western. In fact it reminds me alot of the searchers. You have an older actor twisting the persona they worked there career to build and a director doing one of his last westerns. This actually was Mann's last western.
Gary Cooper is really great in this film. He has a real inner conflict. He can help find a new school teacher for the town he lives in or join a gang of outlaws. Since he has turned over a new leaf. Cooper shows very well almost like he's a silent film star what he's thinking your with him for most of the movie. Cause you know what he's going through.
Mann is great at using locations to show what the characters are feeling and he did a really great job with this one. It brings out huge moments for the movie and it just looks almost perfect.
Listen I project alot of movies and there's not too many that I watch and go man i really wanna project that. Cause regardless what it's made for and it may look coo it can really help a film. I think that may be true to Doctor Zhivago which i was never in to but it's still an ok film with pretty picture. This much like the searchers it adds to it's vastness. so dam i really seriously really really wanna project this one. it's super super awesome looking. like dam. Probably one of the better westerns I've seen and possiably my favorite Anthony Mann western

This is a really good political movie. but not in the way that most political movies are just a bunch of people talking and then talking about there families. This shows it. One thing I really like about a good political film like this or the war room it shows the human side. It almost is fighting against that. That these politics actually you know like effect people.
It's about a christian scientist Father looking for his son who has disappered in central america during a political cue. He's helped by his son's wife. They make a very mis matched couple since she doesn't really like him that much and he thinks she's just a crazy liberal.
Jack Lemmon does a great job in this role. A role you probably wouldn't think that he would do well in but he does it magnificantly. Like I never doubted him as an actor. But Jack Lemmon can really do a great job in anything. I almost always saw him as a comedic actor but not after this. Sissy Spacek as well does a really great job. Certainly she is known more for dramatic roles like this so i wasn't as shocked but she held her own against one of the greats. and very well i might add. I mean that must have been tough for her to play against Jack Lemmon but it worked very well.
Costa-Gavras is a very good at making political films. The only other film I've seen from him is Z which was also really great. He knows how to make the human element really work. I almost think he could do just a regular drama and it would also be a great film. a very strong director.
The idea of this film is horrifying and the fact that you can get away with this is more so. I think this film is very important. It shows what can happen when you do policy or over throw governments. there are serious impacts. now writing that previous sentance is nothing. but living in is another. I don't know if i'll see such an event. but this film really does make you think about that.
I really like this film and kind of don't understand why it hasn't been talked about more. I know the criterion edition of has kind of brought it back. We'll see what happens. but for now really see this it's very good. I know alot of people act all snoppy when they see some important film or some shit like that. this is almost what they want that to be except it's good and not preachy. which i'm sure is hard not to do in a political film. also it's on hulu i put it below.


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