Monday, August 03, 2009

The haunting of Julia and Why did i get married

This is a forgotten film i found on my parents fios on demand. It's alternate title is full circle. which is what it's listed on imdb as.
Clearly this is going to be seen as an attempt to cash in off of Mia Farrows success in Rosemary's Baby. All though it's like 10 years later. This was kind of a werid place in her career between rosemary's baby and before Woody Allen.
This movie is pretty bad. It's about a happy house wife who's life is perfect until her daughter chokes to death at the breakfest table. whats odd is who the fuck chockes on eggs. and they i guess didn't know the hymlick in the 70's or something. it seemed really unbelieveable. almost like a joke or something out of a pardy movie. it was bad.
The rest of the movie is kinda bullshit and doesn't really pay off. there are other people in this movie but i totally forget them.
The music was coo though and really was the only way i was gonna keep watching it. Like it was this werid 70's synth thing. man it was coo. i guess if you like that kinda music you could watch it. i think someone should sample it. it sounds awesome.
This movie though it pretty bad and unless your into the music or really into mia farrow for some reason. you might like it otherwise nevermind.

I have never seen a Tyler Perry movie before and i regret it is without Madea. But what i saw was well it was ok. It's kind of a mix between a womans picture like the 39 the women or mildred pirece. and a tv movie. that's it.
It's not great and the conclusion to this arguments are completely unsatisfying. but it's almost like they care more about the arguments then what they will get too. which is maybe ass backwards film making.
The acting wasn't bad. i espically liked Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Jill Scott. who i have to say really stole the show. She was really good at playing a sad overweight women. and didn't really over do it. you totally side with her. She is sweet and charming. just what that character needs to be. I kinda wish they made why did jill scott's character get married. that would have been a really good movie. the other stories i wasn't as into.
But i wouldn't write Tyler perry off. i feel like he could do something good. not sure were he's going and that could be nowhere or he could blow us all away. but i think if he actually really labored or something i think he might be able to do it.

also for jill scott how many times will i get chance to put this video up.


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