Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Summer of 1999

Since this marks the 10th anniversary of 1999 which I guess is considered one of the better film years. I think it's probably one of the best of the more recent ones I don't know. Either way 1999 was a big year for me and film. I started getting alot more serious about. I took my first film course. Film Production 1 at Towson University. I was only 15 at the time but i got in. I think my mom compared a summer course to film camp and film camp was more money. also it was close to our house and i could walk and stuff. So i was actually talking about film with people older then me. Seemed really coo at the time. I think that was when i knew i was gonna be up to this for a while. anyway i though i would break down the movies of note. That i saw and actually maybe wanna write something about. I actually put them in the release order i remember them coming out in. Not sure if i'm right but we'll see. also the matrix came out before the summer. so i didn't include it.

I didn't see this when it came out. I saw this the night before thanksgiving on video. My mom and my sister were setting everything up for the next day. I also rented Endless Summer.
I still really like this movie great idea to cast Matthew Broderick as the theacher. It almost like Gary Cooper coming back to westerns.It really lanched Reese Witherspoon and Alexander Payne career's. Also it's a great movie. One of the few 90's high school movies to actually be a great movie. It's just really well made like an art film high school movie. I don't know it's just a great movie.

Ok so this was a big fucking deal. Obviously. I remember reading that other studios didn't want to put out too many action films cause they thought star wars would destroy like all of them. I guess it wasn't what we wanted it to be. I do think it's my favorite of the prequal triliogy. but i don't think that's saying much though.
I did see this at 12:01. Which I feel like was the first time there was a big 12:01 screening for anything. Now it's like everything that comes out gets one. I saw this like way too many times in theaters. It was kind of my obsession for that summer. Even though i was giving up on it as the summer went on. I needed like the action figures, soda cans, alot of. I still like the darth maul light saber fight and the pod race. but i guess yeah it's not even close to the original films.

I saw this like right after the last day of school. We all went and saw this movie. Since it opened that day. The hype was huge but really since the first one did only ok it was going off how well it did on video only. It I think grossed in that weekend what the first one had made in it's entire run. It's totally and very much a sequal but it was fun. Heather Gramm was really hot in that movie.

When I took that said film class. The movie all the other kids were talking about was this. I didn't see it then. I think I saw it later in the year on video. But it was pretty coo. Nice concept. I wonder if the techno music is embarresing now.

1999 was a great year for animation. You had The Iron Giant, Princess Monokee, South Park, and Toy Story 2. And this was the one most critics were praising. What the fuck. This movie sucks. God I hate this movie. Great design but what a piece of shit. really bad. However it is the first movie to use Deep Canvas which is a really coo looking effect. It's not a good movie though

This move of course is now considering universally bad. But at the time i just wanted to see the new movie from the guy who made men in black. unforently it wasn't as good as men in black. actually i think he made no good movies after that. I remember i asked people to go with me but they wouldn't. i want alone and man they were right it sucked. nice title sequence though

Man this was a really good movie. I'm suprised that they even made a better movie then the simpsons. I really love this movie. I remember since it was all post columbine you had to bring a parent if you were under 17 which i was. However my dad liked south park so it was coo. This is another reason this was a good year for animated film as well. as just regualar film. I really liked all the swearing at the time but it's still holds up as a good film swearing or not.
Also the music is really good. I didn't think they do such a good job on the music.

I fucking hate this stupid fucking movie. I wanted to see it so bad. Cause everyone told me how great it was. I even bought a ticket for austin powers 2 to sneak in but as i was going in the lady at the theater was yelling like he's tryign to sneak in. so i had i ran into austin powers and saw that again instead.
When it came out on video i finally saw it. And well I was really disappointed. I don't get this movie and if you wanna see this is our generations whatever. count me out seriously. and what is up with that distrubing sex scene at the end with Tara Reid.
Also i really didn't find it to be that gross at the time but that might be because i was really into pink flamingoes the year before.

Man the final Kubrick. I know alot of people hate this film. I say give it another viewing. I seem to like it more and more as time when on. This is another one i had to see with my dad. As I recall i was the only one out my film nerds to see it cause they didn't want to ask there parents. I really don't think i got this film when i came out. like i thought i did but i was over my head. but how can you tell a 15 year old film fan that he can't see the new kubrick.

Alot of my friends who saw eyes wide shut. bought tickets for this and then saw eyes wide shut instead. i actually saw this. in theaters. it wasn't bad. i kind liked it. but i like the muppets. sure maybe this has no bussiness being here. but recently at christmas when i was hanging out with all the little kids next to the tv and they asked me where gonzo came from. i could actually tell them.

I was lucky enough to see this before it opened wide. i really liked it. i also never thought it was real. everyone who got made and was like it's not scary when i found out it wasn't real. ok hold up. do you really honestly think if say they did find footage in the woods. like everyone was like well just release it in theaters. no that would never happen. like the families would freak the cops would be all mad. like i can't imagine. and people really thought that. Even then i was like what a great set up. that's it.
I've defended this film before i think they did do a good job. it's not perfect. but it has it's charm.
Also they spent most of there budget on a high tech gps system. now it probably would cost even less.

This really was the last time there was a steve martin comedy written by steve martin. It's really funny. Eddie Murphy who also might be in his last great comedy role does an excellent job. and so many one liners. seriously check this movie out again. it's alot of fun. like a fun funny comedy man i love steve martin movies when he writes them.

I did not see this in theaters. my brother and i were gonna go together and i didn't work out. But we saw it on video. this did not do well in the theaters at all. I don't think warners really cared at all. But it's probably the strongest animated film of that year. it also was Brad Bird's first film. i thought it might be his last until he signed with pixar.


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