Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Oklahoma Kid and dodge City

yes i made another one. I think this is better then the last one but i still have a ways to improve til i feel like i've really got this.

I figured I'd post a review of another western from the same year that had a non western star in a western film.

All though I'm going out on a limb for The Oklahoma kid. This movie is real bad. well ok it has it's moments and it looks like they actually spent some time on it. But not the script.
This movie I just couldn't get into it. the more it went on the less i cared.
Errol flyn didn't seem like he was having fun at all. Which is usually the case. you look at robin hood he's the life of the patry. but this your like ooo so thats that guy I'm supposed to care about really.
I don't know I don't really have much to say about this one except don't see it. I mean really. yeah they had everybody try a western big deal. See oklahoma kid over this anyday.


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