Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A woman under the influence and Heaven can wait

This is a really great film. Really Cassavettes at his peak. This film has something that I find that few people can do pull off realism and a feeling of theatrics that few can actually pull off. There is defently like we're putting on a show aspect. Espically the very end very theatrical. But you can easily miss that as Cassavettes almost extreme realism.
It's a film about a man that realises his wife is crazy and sends her to a psych ward.
It's doesn't sound like a fun ride. And at times you really wonder were the film is going. and if this is really going to work out as a film. So during the film i wasn't as into. Then by the end I realised how well it did work to get to that point. Almost watching the old parts over again after the film was finished. It's not your typical film at all. It really stands on it's own.
It's espically intresting to watch cause as influencial this film is. There still is nothing like it. Almost like they got some of it but no one has the balls to pull this sort of film off anymore.
Peter Falk was amazing. i feel like people always forget how good he was. Peter Falk could really do a great job with Cassavettes. They were always good together.
If you've never seen this film you're missing out. It's a wonderful film. and a tough film. it's really an experience like no other. but it is great and it's something i would say to see or even see again. great great film.

I guess this is like a big star kind of comedy of it's day. Except Warren Beatty knows how to cast better then the casting director for Marley and Me. He also knows how to make a better film. So what you have is a really good film. not What it could be. they made a good film.
I mean yeah there are alot of parts that are silly and you've seen before. but also they twist to make it intresting. They could have done alot lame choices. that would have tugged at heart strings rather then be good storytelling. So it's like a mainstream stupid holiday movie made by someone who knows how to actually make a good movie. I hope that makes sense.


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