Thursday, September 10, 2009

New nockFORCE, Kingpin, and some photos

This is the second nockforce my damn channel and animation block party. These are coo. this one is just deadly assualy and nock down your office combinded like those action figure sets.

This is like my third video this week. I was actually gonna put something out yesterday but i couldn't then this came out. i guess that worked out well. I'm gonna try and get out a video tonight. man i'm like proflific and shit.

Believe it or not i don't think I had ever seen this until recently. I think the Farrelly brothers best period was there first 3 films. almost like an awesome comedy trilogy. Starting of course with dumb and dumber and then ending with there's something about mary. I actually kinda wanna do a series of videos about those 3 cause there really great comedies and influenced the whole gross out thing that took over comedy for a couple years.
I know most people think comedies like this are stupid but to make a good one is quite a feet. I feel like there either great or just shit. look at airplane that movie is amazing. then look at epic movie. see what i'm saying. but i love it when there funny.
This was great. the casting nails this one with Jeff Daniels and Woody Harrelson arre great and hillirous. but Bill Murray man that guy is amazing. I love seeing him have a good time. He improved almost all his dialouge for the film. as he always does. probably cause he's Bill Murray he can do shit like that. but also cause he's bill Murray he's funnier then what anyone else could write. I think this is his last great comdic role. certainly he has had great roles since this film but this was his last one in a comedy. (also space jam came out a year before)He's just so awesome.
The girl who ummm well i forget her name and I'm too lazy to look it up but I used to think she was really got cause of that werid science show on usa. I think i know that stupid show better then the actual movie werid science. thats kinda sad. but yeah man when i was 12 or 13. man i thought she was soooo fucking hot. unforently it didn't work out cause nobody put her in anything after this or at least anything i saw. so i moved on.
This movie is hillarious. if you love comedy and espically stupid comedies you'll love this. It's just man i mean it's almost like. (film nerd warning) like how between taxi driver and raging bull scoresse made new york new york. sure new york new york isn't as good as those two but it's still fucking awesome. actually kingpin might be better then mary whatever it's awesome. it's way better then anything they made after there's something about mary.

also awesome blues travler was in this. and urge overkill. man it's such a mid 90's movie. the mid 90's were awesome.

man this is an epic blog post. havn't done one in a while. well it's good to do one.

I took some photos on my way to work. here they are. I'm not claiming to be a photographer or anything. but hey why not.

Horse can't go on fire escapes

I like this owl. I see him everyday on this building. I wonder who put him there and how long he's been there.

I wonder where this guy was going. i mean probably to work but i wonder were. probably dunkin doughnuts he was just over dressed


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