Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Swamp Thing

I'm not exactly sure why i felt i should see this movie. Maybe it was because i watched the cartoon show as a kid or something. Maybe it was just that i had heard about it. Whatever it was. I knew when i saw this movie was on I should watch it.
What I got was well it was ok. Frankly i think this movie didn't really go the distance it could have. Nobody cares about the story line with the girl and the monster. every time a movie does that it doesn't work. unless it's king kong. It just feels tacked on. I really wanted to watch Swamp Thing kick ass and stuff.
This movie needed to be more action. One of the few things I feel like action movies get now is nobody goes to ur dumbass action movie for plot or romance sub plot. then went to watch kick ass action and it wasn't good enough to make this movie work.
I also wanted more time with Swamp thing less time with humans. the movie is called Swamp thing not people who kinda know swamp thing. Granted that is a really bad title but maybe it would be more accurate.
all though I never really read the comic. From what i read from the wikipedia article. Alan Moore's origin of Swamp thing was alot better. and could have been a better film. In the movie he is a man that turns into a monster. where as with moore. he's always been a monster. That sounds way cooler.
Other problems with this film is it falls apart at the end and feels like maybe a better version of that Incredible Hulk movie Edward Norton was in. but that movie wasn't that good so you don't get left with much.
Honestly I think there is a way to make a really good Swamp Thing movie. but nobody has done it yet. Now we just have this half assed stuff.

also wes craven directed this weird.

nevermind this theme song alone is why i liked Swamp Thing


Blogger Jesse Benjamin said...

Sweet god I hadn't thought of Swamp Thing in ages. I'm pretty sure I had action figures of them too. Looking back on it now, that shows got to have some of the worst character design in cartoon history. The giant snake head guy? The drag queen villain holding the scepter?

And also - can we talk about the total lack of payoff when Swamp Thing GLOWS YELLOW like he's about to explode with muscle, and instead ends up covered in the most pathetic thorns ever! Why even bother Swamp Thing - why even bother...

7:46 PM


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