Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fool Moon Madness

Yeah well the third video isn't a review. It's a short film I made for a film production class at Towson University in 2000.
Really I had little involvment with this film creativly. All though I did do the sound. kinda funny since I do alot of sound stuff now. It actually got third place in some film festival. however I forgot the name. well it's on my pc. but i don't ever go on that anymore. soooooo. well when i do I'll be sure to put in the info for the video.
Anyway yeah
It was a fun experience working on the film. Hell I even remember getting to stay out late and work on the film a bunch of times. When your 17 that seems really awesome. It was a fun shoot. I'm glad I did it and i'm also glad I still have it cause if you made this now. I doubt they even would use film. kinda crazy. in fact at the time final cut was new. towson had just got there new final cut lab. replacing all there old editing machines.
If your wondering how the hell do i still have stuff that hasn't been put online. I don't know I've made alot of stuff. This has never been online ever. or at least to my knowledge. And I'm guessing most people who know me or watch my stuff have never seen it.
There is another project I did that is also from 2000 that I'm going to put up but I think that'll be in 2010.


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