Friday, October 09, 2009

Kansas City Bomber VIDEO Review, my cats, and

my review of Kansas City Bomber. pretty coo movie.

I once again found something about the film. After I had shot. sometimes I wonder why i do research and then find something coo afterwards. but i don't see how it could have gone in so i guess it's ok. anyway this was written for this movie but didn't actually get used. so i guess it's here. i like it.

I recently got two more cats. well there actually Kittens. There alot of fun. I was got put the pictures of them cause people have been asking me for them. and i like just kinda dumping shit on here. the first one is Olive she's been our cat for a year. the other 2 TOULOUSE and BUSTER are the two kittens. TOULOUSE is a kitten he just looks older.




since nasa shot a missle at the moon i had to do a tick shout out.


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