Thursday, October 01, 2009


I know I'm pretty late on this one but i just got around to seeing it. I've noticed when I review anything animated I'm certainly looked at a bit differently. I seriously don't watch animated things differently then live action. I understand cause of nockforce and cletus the fetus and stuff. but i don't review them to make some sort of big deal or anything. it's more cause i saw this movie now i'm gonna write about it. that's how this works. I just wanted to get that out of the way.
I kinda feel like this movie is over rated. I really liked the begining and were it was going. But it kinda I don't know it didn't really gel for me.
I felt the same way on James and the giant peach. I liked the first act but as the film went on. I was less and less invested in the film.
Certainly something that really took me out of it was this somewhat odd sequence. When Coraline sees her dad in the button universe/place or whatever. He suddenly and seriously out of nowhere bursts into song. the sequence was great. in fact one of my favorites of the film. and the song which was written by they might be giants was awesome too. I love they might be giants they were actually my very first concert way back in 97. But it felt out of nowhere. and it was jaring and not in a good way. It almost felt like tacked on. It wasn't organic and that was what the film needed an organic song. the way the did it felt underwritten and seriously forced.
The film i feel kept decling at this point. getting far more complicated then really they needed to and for my attention span.
I'm sorry i really wasn't as in to this. i love Ponyo and I loved El Superbeasto and espically Up. but I didn't love those films cause there animated I loved them cause they were good movies. Coraline just I'm sorry i don't feel like it's good. maybe ok sure why not. but not good.
I even think like Neil Gaiman for someone who's supposed to be all great and shit. How come everything i read or movie i see he worked never lives up to the hype. yeah I have read Sandman. and yeah his sandman stuff does live up to all his hype. but beyond that I don't really get it and this film didn't help.
the voice acting for Coraline was really really bad. I didn't like the kids at all. it was so bland. Sounded like so low rent saturday morning and 7 am kinda stuff. The adults espically John hodgman who i didn't recgonise was great. Even Terri Hatcher did a good job. hell i don't even like Terri Hatcher.
Really I think techincally this is a good film. The animation is great and I loved watching the movement and timing and well all that stuff perfect. But films are not based only on there tecnical craft. And for me this film didn't go beyond that. I really wanted to write this movie's great. but i wasn't feeling it and i can't lie. It's an ok movie for me but it's a hell of a well made one. A fun watch for anyone intrested in stop motion. I just wanted well I wanted something good. But that wasn't what I saw. sorry.

I kept thinking of this song when i was writing this. why not put it up. off resonible doubt. jay-z's first album for anybody wondering.


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