Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's always sunny and king of the hill finale

So it's always sunny in philadelphia comes back tonight. This is probably one of the better shows on tv. or well i think it is. Certainly it's using frat boy humor. But instead of a bunch of guys yelling bro at each other. It's more satire.
They also don't reair episodes that much. actually they never really do. which is good cause it's not overplayed but i wish more people saw it.
well whatever it's funny and people who just don't get it. I seriously don't get them. If you like that kinda inapporiate humor. Then this is a good show. Also i think it's funny regardless if you like that kind of humor or not. well anyway what the clip below. it's on at 10 pm tonight on fx and probably on hulu sometime soon. i think it reairs at 11pm as well.

I really really really loved the finale king of the hill. so why not just put on my blog. so that's what i do

ooo man a whole blog without a video i've work on

wait too late


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