Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Split review (and Rough Cuts Audition) and of course kanye

So i was all ready gonna make a video for The Split. Then on saturday the youtube channel The RoughCuts announced a contest. where the two winner get to be part of part of the roughcuts and the other two get to be fil in people. the rough cuts is a channel. where a different critic (one of them being don from don and murph) comes on everyday and talks about movies. so wish me luck. I would love to be a part of this. I hope this is a good one. but yeah i guess we find out on friday.

the video annoucing the contest

So yeah i know kanye west blah blah blah. i know who cares. well the best thing about this kinda stuff is all the internet pardies. and i posted a couple down here. funny thing is about the kanye thing. have you listened to Taylor Swift i mean really people. she may be better then miley cyrus and the jonas brothers but she's not that good. in twenty years you'll probably remember kanye more. but who knows. Taylor Swift could do a rick rubin album or something. anyway image below.


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