Friday, September 11, 2009

prom night and beasite boys

yeah i know i promised a video and it's lame of to do that. i had to work overtime yesterday and all though it's shot. i didn't get to put all the pics in there and get it good enough to put up. it'll be up sometime today probably much much later like 6 or 7 or 8 pm or something. i don't know we'll see.

ooo yeah behind the music is back this time they did lil wayne. perfect subject for it. I hope they really turn these out. cause i used to love that show. back when vh1 was just where are they now and music shows. follow the link above and watch the episode.

Man this movie was fun. I had never seen but i always would hear about it. Jamie lee Curtis's career after Halloween was horror movies. it wasn't until trading places that we got the Jamie lee curtis we know now. I think this was her big film after halloween too but i might be mistaken about that. it certainly was after halloween.
I mean sure this isn't the best technically made film. But it works really well. Like we know how horror movies work and this works the way you always want it too. everytime something you saw coming would happen it wasn't boring it was like oooo all right.
I espically liked the disco dance off. and they had a disco prom ooooo my god. that is fucking awesome. I never went to my prom cause i had the choice either go to a party with all these coo towson hardcore bands and get really drunk and fucked up or go to my christain schools lame prom with an enforced after party. fuck that i get drunk without dancing. but since i never got a decent prom i can just pretend that this disco prom was my prom and when the kids i didn't like came in i was like. yeah let's show them. oooooo man if prom was like that i would have gone.
This movie isn't about acting or craft. It's about fun and honestly i had alot of fucking fun with this movie. sure it's a silly horror movie but i love. in fact i love it alot.

dance scene from prom night i was talking about. it's pretty rad.

This was what got me to see this movie. I've realised i've become a don and murph fan. two guys from around where i grew up in maryland. they make alot of great videos. they actually shot this in towson university and towson high and i think did a great job.

man the beastie boys are awesome. this is alot of senior year memories. but i was really really into them that year. i think cause i picked up the dvd of all there videos that criterion put out. all there videos are really intresting and well made. I put paul's boutique on my ipod. that is such a great record. they have a couple great albums. but this might be my favorite figured i'd put some videos from that on here.


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