Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Huckster and photos

now listen normally I really love Clark Gable and am nicer to pretty much everything I've seen him in. But I wasn't feelin this one. Sure it has it's moments and thats great. But it didn't go far enough I felt like it kinda limped to an end. It never really got me excited or anything. Sometimes sure i had some fun but really it was ok.
The ad man idea wasn't used i think to it's full advantage. having an ad man come back from the war and go back into a changed bussiness. now that on paper is a great idea. In fact thats why i saw this movie in the first place off that description. maybe they needed him to work with a new hot ad guy or something. It just didn't work for me.
Sure alot of the people have enough star power and acting presence to make this feel like it works. and hell they really all tried. I think they save this movie but they needed more.
I never got into mad men and maybe I don't like ad guy movies. but i do think on the line is one of my favorite horriable movies so that must count for something right. ok i'm sure there are good ad guy movies. But this isn't really one of them I'm sad to say. Clark Gable has enough charisma that it's worth a viewing just for that. but only that. This film did launch the careers of Debroah Kerr and Ava Gardner. Gardner I understand but Kerr not as much. then again i didn't even give a shit about Heath Ledger until like 2005. so what do i know.

Who put seasme street stickers on the subway

this is how i watch tv sometimes

thats my cat. she's wondering what i'm doing


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