Friday, September 18, 2009

an environmental message

Yeah so i didn't win the contest. boo hoo. oo well. but i have videos all ready planned for my channel. so everything is coo.

This video might be my record for shortest video i've done. all though there are some that got kinda close nothing is as short as this.

wait i take that back cause this is still the king

So i havn't written any music stuff for a while on here. but why not i guess. Everytime Jay-z has a new album out. i usually rush out the store to get it. Well I wanted to. i really did but i heard it early on mtv's site. and man i just i don't know. Sure i got kingdom come and i even have defended it. I think kingdom come is a very well mixed album and has some intresting moments. most people think i'm crazy. but this time i just couldn't do it. this album just doesn't cut it. It really like i don't know. it's just not good enough for me to waste my time. The last album he did American gangster that was great. his best since his comeback (not saying much but still). I thought yippie maybe this will be good. man blueprint 3 was maybe worse then blueprint 2. which was all ready considered his worst album. maybe it's not lie the lethal weapon movies. where even though the original is a classic you can make a dam good part 2 and then part 3 will be all right. it's more like those matrix movies or pirate movies. ooo man the first ones of those were amazing. then the second one and your like. what the fuck are you serious and you don't even give a fuck by the third one. that's lame. this really could have been something coo. oo well. so basically it sucked. i would talk about song and what not. but i actually don't remember any of them that well. Which is never a good sign. make a better album jay-z cause your new one sucks.


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