Monday, September 21, 2009

The Informant (video review)

This was a really good movie. i suggest you see it. defently worth a watch.

This movie was allright. i think theres probably a million sci-fi films just like it. Sure it trys to be intresting and it's slightly successful. but over all it's not as coo as the poster is.
I do like the way the alien looks thats probably my favorite thing in the film is the alien. apprently nobody knows who played the alien. creepy mayeb it's like one of those shadow of a vampire things. or they just don't know the guys name.
What is coo. Is this movie cost like nothing to make. but you can't tell really. they really did a good job making this as well made as possiable. or at least techincally.
There are way better b-movies from this period that came out. in the grand scheme of things this is probably above the rest of them. but it's still not that great.

i would write more about that movie but yeah it wasn't that great.


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