Monday, September 28, 2009

Pandorum Review and Homecoming

there wasn't much out this weekend. but this seemed to be the best of what was new.

This apprently was supposed to get some small theatrical release and then go to dvd. forently for me and for lifetime. they premeried on lifetime. this is part misery rip off part bad movie. which is what i expect for my lifetime movies.
Mischa Barton is really awful in homecoming. but so awful she's funny. like really funny. I somewhat think there is a possiablty that she was doing it on purpose. it was like she was setting herself up to be awful. which she was really good at. like oo man she may have been the best thing in the movie. well her awfulness was. man she was just so bad she was good.
The movie kinda just felt like it was going on and on and then oo right we need to rap up. well here thats how it ends. it was built very well. almost like they cared more about the concept then an actual good film.
Even though this is a bad movie. I think it's one of the more fun bad awful movies I've seen this year. there arn't many times you get so bad it's funny. certainly Obsessed got that distinction. But this takes the cake. I can't believe some of the stuff they did. like was there a comedy writer in on this and this is a big joke. I kinda hope so cause that is probably way cooler. then this movie really is. Seriously i wanna believe this movie was made as a joke. I hope it was.

but probably not.


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I am a big fan of Dennis Quaid. He is stunning guy and talented person. He plays loose minded person’s character but not in the earth. Sure enough this can be catch people’s heart easily. Combination of Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster will carry this movie in to high demand.


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