Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bride wars, Ikea font stuff, and Esso off the wall

so yeah i saw bride wars cause you know i'm a nice husband. There is no question that this movie is bad. in fact this movie is really bad. but what does come up all the time with this film is that it's sexist. yeah sure it is. Nobody is even questioning it. But i was thinking. so they make this sexist movie right. and everyone goes man the female sterotypes are terrible. so who largly sees a movie like bride wars. well women. but they all know this is sexist.
In a way calling this movie sexist is like calling a Tyler Perry movie racist. Sure they use age old sterotypes but if there for that audience is it really that offensive. I mean really it's not.
This movie is stupid and I question why people like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. This is like one of those olsen twin movies or something. It knows it's a light comedy and rather then have that work for it. They just go well this movie sucks anyway poor on some lame ass jokes. I think they had a truck full of lame ass jokes and they would empty it on the film as it was shooting. If they tryed to make it funny. they totally could have but it really felt like everyone involved went well why should i give a shit. this is fucking bride wars. I'm not bringing my a game to this. Sure that makes sense. but regardless of what lame ass excuse they can make oo it's just fluff. well it's not very good fluff. and really they all could have tried harder. or well maybe they could have tryed. that would have been coo. if they tryed.
This isn't horriably bad. it's not gonna make a years worst list. but there's no reason it see it unless your gonna get some bonus points for watching it something.

In case you hadn't heard. the desgin community (or so I'm told since I'm not in it) is in an uproar that Ikea has changed there catalouge font from Futura to Verdana

and finally I know ur sick of Michael Jackson tributes. well this is a little different. This rapper Esso was working on a mixtape tribute to off the wall. to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic album. Then Michael Jackson died. And everybody wanted to do a Michael Jackson tribute. so he was faced with two options just put it out that second before the markets flooded. or do what he always wanted and finish it right. Which he did. He doesn't want people to think he is captalising off the king of pops death. Sure people will think that but the mixtape is good enough that it doesn't matter. i really like this and i think he does a great job. check it out

Download it here sometimes the thing say it don't work but it does. it's just being funny.


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