Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Brothers Bloom and more

This movie was great. well for 2 acts. then the third act came in and fucked it all up. And boy did this movie work. You have a great idea. this group of con men who are very very good at what they do. Then one of them wants out. of course you know how that goes.
I really was suprised how well the director of Brick could make a fun action adventure film. everything was so much fun at the begining. this what a action adventure film for everybody used to be and he did it.
But the third act killed it. mostly cause it was unessary. the film could have ended before we saw all the boring bullshit that i had to endure. The third act man. I feel like it just steamrolled over the entertainment that i first saw from this film. I really wanted to like this movie. and it did win me over. sure i loved his last film Brick. that was an awesome movie. but man. I almost don't wanna write about the good stuff. thats how bullshit the last act was. really ruined it for me.
Adrian Brody and Mark ruffalo did a great job together. lots of charisma and seriously i would like to see more of them together. They play a great duo. complamenting each other. Adrian Brody more reserved while Mark Ruffalo has a crudness to him. really i feel like worked out well.
Visually this film was really great as well.
This really wasn't that great. if you can just see the first two acts and leave. it'll be great. other then that i wouldn't bother. it's just too long and too unintresting.

I'm not sure how you tube savy the people who read this are. so I don't know how many of you actually know what What the BUCK is. but it's a popular show on youtube were this guy talks about pop culture. he has a thing on it called pass the buck. which he does weekly. where people send in videos and talk about a pop culture thing. i submitted one. i wasn't picked but you can see my video in the background at the begining. first 11 seconds btw


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