Friday, October 02, 2009

Not so Dumb and Felix from 59

this is a Marion Davies comedy in the very early sound era. Some of this film looks like it was shot like a silent film. Hell it even has a title card. You can feel the transition as your watching it. When Marion Davies does a whole rotine with her loud bracelets and candy wrappers when this guy is playing piano for everyone. that must have been like a crazy special effects sequence of it's time. but regardless it's funny. all the film history crap aside. I had fun watching.
sure really this film has very little difference plot wise from something like bride wars. but it's Davies that pushes it further. She's very good at playing dumb. brilliant even. She's very good at both phyiscal comedy and using funny lines. also this film is directed by King Vidor. Who was defently one of the better silent film directors. So you have a silly comedy but done very very well.
The supporting players in this film are equally as funny and became more then just filler. then really drove the movie in certain parts. like Davies was like every your turn and they kept it going with the same energy. i espically liked the guy who played the boss. man he was maybe my favorite part of the film.
I really liked it both for it's historical context but also just as a film (with the film part being the more important). It's fun and has alot of life to it. Your not ever wondering what the point of it all is cause it's great keeping your attention. even now which is pretty impressive.
This is a great little comedy. I don't know how easy it is to get but it's defently great. if you havn't seen any Marion Davies comedies i would defently reccomend this. Of course I have only seen one that has sound. but if this the worst one then thats defently a good thing.

This isn't my favorite version of Felix but i wanted to put a video on this blog. so why not. who else is ever gonna post this.


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