Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Once upon a time in the midlands and videos yo

This is a really coo kind of romantic comedy. well i don't know if it's a romantic comedy really. It's about this girl who has been living with this guy and her daughter for a while. Then the daughters father shows up. The really intresting thing is that they use a western theme and structure. obviously the title is taken from the sergio leone film. but if goes beyond that uses a score that is very simalair to Ennio Morricone. I guess it uses more speghetti western. It has even been called a tin can western. cause english people get there pasta from tin cans.
This film also isn't just an intresting experiment in just oh it's like a western. not at all. It certainly has a life of it's own. and I would say that you don't have to like westerns to enjoy this film.
Both the male leads work very well. Rhys Ifans who is great as i guess the good guy. that's another thing that there isn't exactly a good and bad guy in a lot of situations. somewhat moral ambigous. But Rhys Ifans is great as the kind of dad that would be great for any kid.
Robert Carlyle was man in a lesser film he would have stolen the dam show. He was great. I felt like he even got down how he would move and everything. He had this bad guy attutdude that works so well both with the theme and with the film.
Shirley Henderson as well who most will know as moaning murtle from the harry potter films. plays a woman between two very different men. She was great as well.
I really liked this film. It has great performances from both the leads and the supporting cast. But it also has alot of heart and soul. And works very well as a film. This is something i would recomend to anyone. It's both smart and excessable. I hadn't seen any Shane Meadows films until this one and i think i need to see more. Great movie. I think it's avaible in most places.

I forget if i posted this. it's the intro to a superman cartoon I havn't seen since the 80's. It was modled after the John Byrne superman comics. and they did a pretty good job.

I've all ready said I'm not feeling the blueprint 3 and the first couple tracks are really bad. the first track i feel like was the worst intro to any album he's ever done. hey i havn't listen to vol. 1 in a whole. anyway there are a couple of tracks i liked. but for the most part this was the best shit on there. figured I'd post it.


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