Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Real Glory and videos

I really never got Gary Cooper. Sure I've liked him in stuff like High Noon, the pride of the yankees, and man of the west. But I've rarely gone awesome Gary Cooper. Well this movie changed that for me. Cause Cooper was awesome. I don't know why this was the movie that made me like him. the films I listed earlier should be enough. I don't know.
This film is a great adventure film. In fact it makes other adventure film at the time and in the same year looking a little silly in comparsion. I think this is a better and stronger film the stuff like Stanely and livingston and Gunga din. Now those are both great films. but this is excellent adventure film.
It takes a while for it to really prove it self. you may even be watching it and wondering what i'm talking about for a while. but it's all character development. but it pays off really well. Cause the third act is almost all plot and they need you to know these people by that point. I wsa really into how well built this film was.
I think when you look at speilberg films. espically his fun action adventure films. You cna tell he loved adventure films and serials. But it's hard to pin point an exact film that really influenced his adventure stuff. This defently did. It is such a speilberg film I would be shocked if he hadn't seen it a bunch of times. so thats kinda what your dealing with in this film.
It's a pretty smart adventure film also. something played for laughs has a reason. and lines that feel like might be going to far later have more importance. Good Adventure films are really an art and can come together so effortlessly. This is one of those.
If you like adventure films this is a great one to check out. and I don't mena if you like older adventure films. Like if you do like Indiana Jones or The Mummy. It's also pretty good to show to kids cause you it came out in 39. but yeah. Good movie if you can find it. It's defently a good time and a good film.

it's starting to get cold out. brrrrrrrrr

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