Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a very sad protest

yesterday the movie world trade center came out on dvd. I was working yesterday and i saw outside our lone protester. He had a bull horn and a sign that said on one side Hollywood can-not profit from 9/11 (i'm spelling it how he had it) and on the other side something else that sounded dumb but said something about how the money should go to the families. Now I understand we were selling the dvd.
But Paramount released the film and there own by Viacom who have offices in times square. So the real question is why not go there. I get your point but I don't think anyone agreed with it. the few who bought the dvd lived near ground zero and actually said they were ok with it not going to charity cause nobody involved with the film ever said they were going to.
I guess making fun on this guy would be pointless cause nobody took him seriously and his sing which he put against a poll outside kept getting knocked down by the wind. Also i think out of all the people who need money the 9/11 families are pretty good and there greater causes.

Also make a better sign like i don't something catchy or with a rythme or something like seriously


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