Monday, April 21, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #36: Sam Neil is Merlin

The thing we love most about classic Spielberg movies is his copious use of the DOLLY ZOOM (aka "The Vertigo Effect"). That shit is awesome. This quickie is nerdy even by our standards. This is a special playlist included with the trailer for Merlin and it's sequal yes it really did have a sequal.

Also Ian recently redesigned the nockforce site making if far more awsome then before check it out at I also write the blog over there too.

Didn't watch adult swim.

but i watch video music box. apprently uncle ralph was in the hottest party in conneticut thats crazy but it was still coo.

oh also thanx everyone on myspace for watching the cletus 420 playlist in big numbers some of those videos have never been watched so much in one day before.


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