Friday, September 05, 2008

90210 a more intresting failure then most

really it's only an intresting failure cause it trys to rip off some many other shows. Frankly you'd think one would be enough but apprently they needed like a ton of shows to this too. Add on to the fact that the show is a mess. like a complete mess. Jenni Garth who is just hanging around the school alot. not sure what her job even is. She was annoying. like something would happen and woop there she is.
Then you have everything moving so fast that you can braely met anyone. But that assumes you wanna met these people at all. cause the little time we do spend with them is not intresting at all.
But i guess the funniest thing is how they rip off each show. Obviously first they are using degrassi model with the next generation thing. then a midwest family with an adopted black kid moving to la is south of nowhere. Then a girl in the school has a popular blog that everyone read like Gossip Girl. The transitions between scenes showing shots of california and playing current pop hits The Hills. And I also think at some point they run a radio station, talk about the freeks and the geeks, and some dawson creek thing.

point is this show blows like really hard. I don't know what they thought when they were doing this. However shouldn't someone bring up the point. why wasn't this on fox. The original was on fox. so what happened. it was obviously turned down by them. Smart move fox. really with these shows that are remakes always wonder where the show started. if it's not there be carefullly.


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