Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCabe and Ms. Miller

This is really a great wondeful film. Unforently i hadn't seen it until last week. Now that i have I feel like I've seen one of Altman's best. Like so good I'm not sure what his best film is now. I really am thinking about whats better this or Nashville.
Both are so good. really i'll have to watch nashville again.
This film remind me the most of Howard Hawks then any of his other stuff. makes sense cause Altman would always list him as an influence.
I really like how he used all the minor characters with the two mains to create his story. Which helps it kind of be a western but at the same time this isn't a western. At least in a typical sense. It takes place in a western time sooo. but in 1971 (when this film came out) the western was being reinvented and I'm sure no one was sure what a western was supposed to be. just a little earlier you have sergio leone's films coming out. This film may be out of that confusion cause it has a nice marrage of new and old western film language.
Also the passage of time works so effortless that you don't notice until the big snow at the end.
The snow scene is really pretty and awesome.
Listen this movie rules. If you just wanna see a really great film see this movie. Just don't think about it just see it.


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