Friday, August 08, 2008

Does watching smart movie make you a smarter person


ok ok i'll write about it.

I have come across alot of myspace's and facebook's recently with lists of people's favorite movies. What i don't understand is why list a bunch of highly respected foreign films that read like a list of films your film professor gave you and you put on your profile.
Now i'm not trying to be a myspace/facebook nazi but obviously you're putting these films on there to look smart. i seriously doubt your favorite movies are films that you watch a couple times a year. i wish people would just be honest about it.
I recently read an article about how great small films were and said that more people should see a film calle bicycle thieves. well i guess your right there are two characters in that film. maybe it should have been called that.

Ok sorry i have point. Listen i love movies and stuff but i hate people who do this. First all that foreign fellini shit you just found out about i saw that when i was 14. oh wait i'm not some fucking genius asshole. guess why if you only see "smart movies" you're not very film literate. film is a lot of things it's both star wars and 400 blows. Citizen kane and manos hands of fate. The godfather and lethal weapon 3. so to say all your films are these high brow stuff. well your fucking lame and i would feel bad for you not seeing a well balanced meal of films. While i can have a conversation with anyone under the sun about that big mainstream movie that you wouldn't see have fun in that corner your standing in.

oh yeah and if you like movies and you wanna know how to make your myspace profile look like you arn't fucking poser Harry knowles's movies section on his myspace
"I own well over 8000 movies on DVD and only about a dozen porns. 4000 on VIDEO. 410 on 16mm Film. They span all genres and types. Ranging from the late 1800's to the early 21st Century. I love the classics, exploitation, horror, musicals, westerns, comedy, melodrama, sexploitation, blaxploitation, nunsploitation, cannibalsploitation, swash-bucklers, fantasy, science-fiction, german expressionists, french avant-garde, Russ Meyer, Hitchcock, Lynch, Leone, Ford, Stone, Gilliam, Cronenberg, Corman, Cameron, Spielberg, Disney, Truffaut, Fellini, Carpenter, Dante, Curtiz, Sturges (both of them), Capra, Berkeley, Whale, Milius, Bakshi, Wilder, Harryhausen, Pal, Lucas, Raimi, DeMille, Fleischers and on and on and on. Name it, I've probably loved it."

wow it's almost like he likes movies or something


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