Thursday, July 24, 2008

animation emmy nominations

i wanted to go through these. i don't care about the other categories but the wire got one for writing yippie. anyway yeah.

Outstanding Animated Program (Under One Hour)

Creature Comforts America
King of the Hill
Robot Chicken
The Simpsons
SpongeBob SquarePants

Outstanding Animated Program (One Hour or More)

Blue Harvest (Family Guy)
Imaginationland (South Park)
Justice League: The New Frontier

Outstanding Animated Program (Under One Hour)

these are the nominees in the under one hour category. There are some good choices and a couple i could do with out. The simpsons really don't need another award in this category cause they've all ready won in this category a total of 9 times. but the simpsons winning anything for quality is kinda behind them at this point. But people will vote for it cause it's the simpsons.

I wonder about robot chicken cause out of all the adult swim shows i would not pick that one. I wonder why aqua teen, squidbillies, lucy daughter of the devil, and metalacolypse. Didn't get one this year instead. those are really great shows. but home movies never got a nomination either.

Creature Comforts America might win casue people love those guys but nobody saw it.

King of the hill i think might have a shot with both South Park and Family Guy in another category it actually has a chance. it has won once but nominated 5 other times but it also hasn't been up for one since 2002. king of the hill still has a lot of life to it and i often am laughing alot during.

Spongebob squarepants is the one i'm rooting for. It has been nominated 5 times and never won and i think it really deserves one. It's the biggest show on cable. they're even playin it late nite on mtv. It's the only show doing what it's doing anymore. I just think give it one.

Really i want either king of the hill or spongebob. i think i want spongebob more. but if king of the hill wins. it will join the simpsons and south park as the only animted shows with more then one win.

Outstanding Animated Program (One Hour or More)

Ok first off justice league won't win and i'm not rooting for it.

Family guy was pushing hard to be in the best comedy category but failed. i don't know why it tried if even the simpsons didn't get it. but fox will be pushing hard for this. Blue harvest was a big success and will be something they defently want with not getting there big category.

South park will also be trying hard. With no simpsons to compete with and only family guy they have a good chance. First south park has one the half hour twice. Also Comedy Central can win emmys big time with the daily show. plus imaginationland wasn't perfect but i would much rather watch that anyday over the family guy thing.

frankly i really think south park will win. but family may come in to snatch it but probably not.


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