Friday, July 11, 2008

ocean city

well next week i will not be here and u will just see this post. i'm going to ocean city.
All though i overload on maryland stuff. i'm gonna dedicate this post to just ocean city. which gets like no attention or at least compared to baltimore and annapolis.
I think i've always liked ocean city. since i was little. i mean i have been going there for like 25 years.
i don't know it's coo.
also does anyone remember dj batman. cause that guy has been doing that since the first batman movie (with michael keaton 89). seriously batman shit was everywhere in 89. now it's 19 years later and there's batman shit everywhere. but dj batman is still here too. i hope that this year is coo.
anyway yeah playlist u know see u on the 21st.

also on the way i will be putting up a ton of these

if u see one take a photo and we'll put it up


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