Thursday, July 10, 2008

sub pop, mst3k, and kissed a girl

happy 20 sub pop. thanx for singing nirvana way back when too.

I'm transfering my final episode today (or well right now) from vhs to dvd. I have like 52 episodes. 50 of which are self made dvds.
The last thing i wanna say about mst3k. And i wanna do this before the big comic con panel and before the shout cast dvds. The show certainly could go on forever. Because it's mainly about the movie. Not the host segments. so it can go on as long as the making fun of the movie is good.
The host segments were still good in the sci-fi channel days but the continuing story line was really stupid and the show worked better with none in the comedy central days. I think when we make the who's better Mike or Joel. We think of the sci-fi ones. but really it's cause there kinda different things.
also it might be possiable that mike has more good episodes then joel. Joel did more episodes but both season 1 and the ktma episodes are not considered good. but mike had a ton of good episode in every season he did. But Joel probably has some of the best episodes.

And finally how can you put out a song called I kissed a girl and not kiss a girl in the video.
i feel robbed. that is bullshit. Who the fuck does that sort of thing. Katy Perry you suck so just to show you how to really make a song called i kissed a girl here is the better version.
ooo suck on that.

ok maybe she didn't either but her song was better


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